Smoothies + Wellness: sneaking in your fruit servings

Smoothies + Wellness: sneaking in your fruit servings

Smoothies… the perfect way to start your day with a bang. Pretty much a liquid breakfast and jam packed full of the good stuff to perk you up and keep you sustained for the day. When it’s all blended up it’s sometimes hard to imagine just exactly what goes inside of your smoothie but generally smoothies have a tonne of blended frozen fruits to give it a creamy texture, a handful of super powders to replenish you from the inside out, a bunch of antioxidant rich berries or leaves, and a bit of ice to refresh and revitalise.

With a super combination of these ingredients it’s hard not to believe that you and your body won’t feel like a million bucks, but how exactly do smoothies differ from the whole food version or even the juiced version? To put it into a nutshell, when smoothies are blended the nutrient density remains the same however the ability to absorb it by the body in the digestive track actually increases. This is based on a few different factors however the amount of water and the amount of dietary fibre plays a role in this function. So if you’re looking to make this a meal we would recommend getting a smoothie with a banana base and a dose of something with protein and you’ll be fighting fit and healthy in no time.

Pair this knowledge with delicious ingredients and killer combinations and you’ll be hooked.
Right now in the cafe we have a great selection of SMOOTHIES + SMOOTHIE BOWLS to get you going. These can be done with your choice of milks and we even have VEGAN options available

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